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full play the efforts of the government, society and citizens. Xi noted that the Lingang area of the Shanghai pilot free trade zone should carry out all-round high-level opening-up with greater depth, broader range, and more strength. He also underscored targeted efforts in the innovation of systems and mechanisms, strengthening institutions, and boosting the quality of Chinese economy. The science and technology innovation board and the pilot registration system must s

tay committed to their roles, and the quality of listed firms should b

e improved, Xi said. Shanghai should strengthen its role as the hub and gateway of opening-up and remain committed to promoting reform, development and innovation through opening-up, he said. On advancing Party building, Xi asked Party organizations at all levels to consolidate the results achieved in the first phase of the "staying true to our founding mission" education campaign and earnestly carry out the campaign's second phase. The success of the campaign is judged

by whether it solves problems, Xi said, noting that the s

econd phase will focus on the grassroots level and solving problems. Xi said primary-level Party organizations should play a key role in publicizing the Party's propositions, implementing the Party's decisions, leading grassroots governance, uniting and mobilizing the people, and promoting reform and development. Shanghai is where the CPC was founded and the headquarters of its central authorities had been based for a long period after the Party's founding, Xi said. He

called for efforts to make good use of the city's revoluti

onary resources in the education campaign and guide Party members and officials to acquire a deeper understanding of the history of the Party, the People's Republic of China, and the reform and opening up. Normal 0 7.8 ?? 0 2 false false false EN-US ZH-CN X-NONE